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How it works

Prsnt is the exciting way to send instant gifts and celebrate your friends, family and loved one’s special days directly from your smartphone. Sending instant gifts really is as easy as 1…2…3… Simply select that special person from your contacts, find their perfect Prsnt and then record your personalised video message or write them a heartfelt text before checking out!

Get Started

Step 1.

Select the person you want to send a gift to.

Choose a friend from your contact book to send a gift to. You can send a gift from Prsnt to anyone in the UK, even if they don’t have the app!

Select recipient Prsnt app with users faces
Prsnt app on iphone with brand images

Step 2.

Select gift that you want to send.

We have partnered with the UK’s top high street brands in order to bring you an amazing range of gifts they can collect from anywhere in the country!

Step 3.

Add a message and pay for the gift.

You can send your gift attached with either a heartfelt message or video straight from your phone. Your gift will also be sent wrapped and will need to be digitally unwrapped!

Iphone Prsnt app with brand and product images