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About Prsnt

People can’t always be with each other at times of celebration or when they’d like to acknowledge someone for multiple reasons and occasions.

There are plenty of times where people find out about someone’s birthday, anniversary or other occasion on the day, leaving them no time to organise a gift let alone get it over to them.

Great Selection

With a vast selection to pick from you’re bound to find something they’ll appreciate. You can choose gifts from over 100 of the UK’s best brands.

Special Day Reminders

No matter the occasion we’ll let you know when its one of your close friends’ special days so you never forget to celebrate with them.

Send & Receive Gifts

Prsnt allows you to send & receive gifts instantly from your smartphone alongside a personalised video or text message.

Video & Text Messages

With Prsnt you can send personalised videos or a heartfelt text message alongside the special gift you’ve picked just for them.

Join the thousands of users already using Prsnt

Be like Dan, not like Louis

Prsnt is available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store for download. Never miss a friend’s birthday again and share a little something with the people you care about, even if you can’t be together.